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The function of design is letting design function.

Micha Commeren

Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to learn more about me.

My name is Christie Mays and I'm an independent web designer.


I've worked as a Pre-K Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator for many years. Later, I ventured to the other end of the spectrum by working with seniors as a Programs Coordinator.  I am blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of each of these fields. The knowledge and memories made, serve me well every day.

I met and married the love of my life over 30 years ago in high school. We have a beautiful daughter and wonderful son-in-law, who blessed us with twin grandchildren- Vivian Leigh and Deacon James. Needless to say they are the center of our world. 

Getting started in web design was an accident waiting to happen.

In the late 90's (I know right?!) I discovered the world of creating email stationery for Microsoft's Outlook Express. It became my number #1 hobby. I joined groups, took online tutorial classes and bought books to learn all I could about scripting, coding and designing emails. I loved it.

It didn't take long for the idea of getting into web design to take root. Designing for the Web challenges me and feeds my creative cravings. It satisfies my need to attach meaning and purpose to everything, which according to the

Myers-Briggs personality test, it's in my nature to indulge in these things.

Here's my results-

" I seek meaning and connection to ideas, relationships, and material possessions. I want to understand what motivates people and I'm insightful about others. I'm conscientious and committed to my values. I develop a clear vision about how best to serve the common good. I'm organized and decisive in implementing my vision.

What I bring to the table...


I offer my clients a personal experience that's hard to put a price tag on. As an independent designer, I work closely with my clients to develop a solid understanding of their company, their vision and their style. I research your target audience and analyze your competitors. Current design trends, function, usability and SEO are all major components I use to organize your content for the Web. If this sounds like someone you would like to do business with, get in touch.