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Lost and Found

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Lawn care businesses are about to become very busy. It is the season after all. Someone decides that this year they need to really look into getting someone to help out with all of the yard work. When they pick up their phone or open their laptop to search for a lawn care business that can solve their problem, are they going to find your business listed with Facebook or a website?

I really hope that the answer is BOTH!

Facebook is such a great place to showcase and share photos of your handiwork. In that respect, its value is undeniable, but it’s also limited. You post a picture of a client’s home that you’ve recently completed a project for and it’s beautiful. It really shows the quality of the work that you can perform. People that “follow” your page may or may not see it, unless you are boosting it- and that’s still a little dicey. Let’s say though, that someone that follows you wants to help you promote your business so they share the post with the photo, which you greatly appreciate! You hope that it will be seen by his or her friends and that they will become your clients.

Two things about lawn care businesses-

1. Exposure is everything for your business.

If you are 30 and you own a lawn care business and one of your 30 year old friends shares a post from your Facebook business page, the majority of the audience it is going to reach will be close in age bracket. Nothing is really wrong with that unless you begin to realize that maybe the age bracket you might want to reach out to is between the ages of 55 and 70.

2. Time is money and you can’t be in two places at once.

Consider how your competitors are marketing. Are they leaving door hangers on front doors, or maybe stuffing a baggie with a rock and a postcard of sorts to advertise? They may even be relying on people noticing a decal stuck to the back window of a truck with their business name and number printed on it. Again, nothing wrong with that other than it’s restricted to the ability of someone being able to recall a name of a business printed on the side of a truck last week.

Did you know that 60% of people prefer to search Google for a service or product they are considering- and that 75% of people don’t use Facebook as a search engine- and 40% of people will not even consider a business that doesn’t have a website? Having a website puts you on Google search (and others), it connects to your Facebook business page (which works great as a portfolio) and because you have a website and your competition doesn’t, it could be the deciding factor that a consumer decides to do business with you.

You might need a website for your lawn care business. IDK

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