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Sitting Pretty When We're Together

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Let’s face it, most of us would love to have a regularly scheduled housekeeper come by to help us maintain the cleanliness of our homes for whatever reason. In the past, employing a housekeeper meant you were wealthy and privileged as far as most people were concerned. They saw this service as a luxury, and maybe it was. However, in today’s world it has become a very valuable service that most families would benefit from, especially those families that aren’t wealthy and privileged.

Today we see both parents working and stressed from hectic work schedules and from keeping up with their children’s outside interests in clubs, programs, sports, etc. Children are stressed with hectic school schedules and after school activities and lack of family time.

I mean you might think that these parents taking their kids to practice or whatever, are spending time with their children, but they aren’t.

They are watching from afar. They are on their phones grocery shopping, meal planning for a week, setting Dr. appointments, dental appointments and so much more. They are multi-tasking their family time and in the midst of all of that they remember, the house must be cleaned, the laundry must be done, the yard must be mowed and on and on and on it goes. By the time the list of chores have been completed (on the weekends usually) there is very little time left for the quality time that every family needs.

It’s no longer embarrassing to say that your floors haven’t been mopped in a month because you can’t find the time or that you don’t have the energy to keep up with the laundry the way you know you should. Most people understand why and they can sympathize on a personal level because they are in the same boat.

“Research shows that people who spend money on saving time are better off.” https://www.nbcnews.com/better/health/how-hiring-house-cleaner-made-me-happier-healthier-more-productive-ncna810236

Making the choice to hire outside help can be one of the smartest things you could do for your family. There is a beautiful, almost magical feeling when you walk into your home knowing that you no longer have to stress about keeping everything clean. The feeling of peace of mind is almost tangible. The anxiety is gone, replaced with lightheartedness- no more draining feeling. Your energy is now spent on what makes you and your entire family happy.

Time together.

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