• Christie Mays

What Your Customer's Don't Know Can Hurt You

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Sometimes the lack of pricing on something like a website puts people off and I get it.

But it's impossible to price a multi-page website as a one size fits all. There are many factors that go into pricing a website such as, how much content needs to be shared, who will write the content, will there be forms and subscriptions offered, etc.

So what's a web designer to do?

She creates a portfolio of "ONE-PAGE" websites for small businesses that she can price up front and create within a day or two. Some small businesses don't need to go into great detail about the services they offer, or have a gallery of images displaying their work.

Either way, a one-page website is very suitable for a lawn care businesses. It's quick, affordable and informative. The one-page website is like a brochure that lists the most important aspects of your business; it's your online business card.

Oftentimes, lawn care businesses market by leaving door hangers or by using a post card of some type, sealed in a plastic baggy with a rock in it to weigh it down thrown onto a driveway.

How much time do you think that takes away from working? How many people do you think are reached using that marketing practice? The answers are too much and not enough.

A website is available to potential clients 24/7. It's convenient for them, it connects you with a larger audience, it gives them multiple ways to contact you, and it gives you instant credibility and trust.

Even a one page, brochure -type website address on the list of a city's Chamber of Commerce is a free marketing tool. If they can click a link, they usually will.

One thing is for sure, people will look you up online before deciding to conduct business with your company, that's a fact. If one lawn care business has a website and the other has Facebook, which do you think has the better potential of converting that visitor?

So, if it's not knowing the price of what a website would cost you for your lawn care business, that has kept you from taking taking that step, this is your chance.

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