The Web has forever changed the way business communication and marketing work

and for the small business

that's a very good thing.

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The first go-to-source for information is the Internet. It has greatly diminished the use of other reference materials we've used in the past such as phone directories, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, etc.


These traditional means of marketing were very expensive, time consuming and had limited reach.


The Web has addressed all of these issues and acknowledged the most important marketing aspect of any business- which is accessing it's audience.  (US DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE) 

The Web provides the business owner

  • cost effectiveness

  • easy maintenance and updates

  • a locale that's a meca for marketing 

  • a one-stop-shop for housing all social media platforms

  • unlimited boundaries and is accessible by all technologies

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Convenience and Availability  

Your www address is a real-time extension of your business that's open to your customers 24/7. Your business is available to potential customers when it's most convenient for them. Customers really like that.

Customers like choices.

A website allows you to house all of your information and social media portals in one place. I mean, social media is a great marketing tool and even a must for small businesses...but they trend. This can make it a little difficult to keep up with, IF you don't have a website.


If customer A loves Instagram, but customer B really likes using Facebook, how do you ensure you reach both audiences without a website?


Bottom line, everyone has their favorite social media platform and offering them all in one location gives your visitors a choice in how they want to stay connected to your business. It's the most practical way to ensure you've covered every base. 

 One other thing having a website can do for you is give you instant credibility.

"No matter how many social media groups you participate in or how many local networking groups you belong to, potential customers are likely to take a look at your website before they call you to discuss your services." (BETTER BUSINESS KNOW HOW)

Are you ready to increase your visibility with a well-designed website?